Monkey Printing
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Screen Printing

Monkey Printing has been providing quality screen printing in the Kansas City area for over 7 years. We work with some of the finest companies in the Midwest. The Monkey is capable of large screen printing jobs of 2,500 pieces or more. Yet, we are small enough to screen print a minimum of 12 pieces. Our standard turnaround is 5 working days.

The Monkey will not surprise you with hidden fees, such as setup and screen charges. We are committed to building relationships by giving you quality products at competitive pricing.

Our Basic Pricing

Super Plug Tshirt.jpg
Cafe Racer Tshirt.jpg
Caferacer Reunion Tshirt.jpg
California Beach.jpg
California West Coast Tshirt.jpg
Cinema Scope Tshirt.jpg
Classic Basketball Tshirt.jpg
Classic Coffee Maker Tshirt.jpg
Conquer All Tshirt.jpg
Crown Tshirt.jpg
Daily Special Barber Shop Tshirt.jpg
Dark Iron Tshirt.jpg
Death From Above 2 Tshirt.jpg
Fire Fighter Tshirt.jpg
Good Vibe Only Tshirt.jpg
Grave Digger Tshirt.jpg
Heart and anchor Tshirt.jpg
Hockey Heroes Tshirt.jpg
Indian Tshirt.jpg
Keys Tshirt(1).jpg
LA Hotrod Tshirt.jpg
Legendary Longboard Tshirt.jpg
Let's Ride Bike Tshirt.jpg
Military Ride Tshirt.jpg
Motorcycle Adventure Tshirt.jpg
N Y P D Tshirt.jpg
Native American Tshirt.jpg
Old School Game Tshirt.jpg
Outerspace Adventure 69 Tshirt.jpg
Premium Denim Tshirt.jpg
Pro Rider Tshirt.jpg
Psychobilly Hotrod Tshirt.jpg
Replace Fear Tshirt.jpg
Ride The Waves Tshirt.jpg
Rockabilly Hotrod Tshirt.jpg
Runs On Diesel Tshirt.jpg
Sacrifice Tshirt.jpg
Samurai Tshirt.jpg
Scooter Beach Tshirt.jpg
Scooter Rider Tshirt.jpg
Scuba Diver Tshirt.jpg
Shadows Of Thoughts Tshirt.jpg
Ship Tshirt.jpg
Skate And Destroy Tshirt.jpg
Skate For Life Tshirt.jpg
Skateboard Lifestyle Tshirt.jpg
Smokin Hotrod Tshirt.jpg
Soccer Tshirt.jpg
Soldiers Of Fortune Tshirt.jpg
Space Adventure Tshirt.jpg
Space Baseball Tshirt.jpg
Spark Plug Tshirt.jpg
Speed King Tshirt.jpg
Speed Of Caferacer Tshirt.jpg
Speed Racer Tshirt.jpg
Speedrace Tshirt.jpg
Squeegee Social Club Tshirt.jpg
Start Strong Tshirt.jpg
Street Bikers Tshirt.jpg
Street Custom Tshirt.jpg
Street Photographer Tshirt.jpg
Street Rebellion Tshirt.jpg
Super Bike Tshirt.jpg
Super Cross Tshirt.jpg
Super Plug Tshirt.jpg
Surf Beach Tshirt.jpg