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Full Color Dye Sublimation Team Uniforms

By combining ink, heat, and pressure, Dye Sublimation allows for full-color and soft-to-the-touch printing on a variety of fabrics, mainly polyester. This is the superior way of printing performance apparel for all sports. The fabric is actually printed first, then it is cut and sewn to precise templates.

FD19Artboard 9@2x.png
FD19Artboard 3@2x.png
FD19Artboard 4@2x.png
FD19Artboard 5@2x.png
FD19Artboard 7@2x.png
FD19Artboard 8@2x.png
FD19Artboard 8_1@2x.png
FD19Artboard 10@2x.png
FD19Artboard 11@2x.png
FD19Artboard 12@2x.png
FD19Artboard 2@2x.png